Otoe-Missouria Tribe

Four Hundred Years of History. Red Rock, Okla.--At one time, the Otoes and Missourias, along with the Winnebago and Iowa Tribes, were once part of a single tribe that lived in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. In the 16th century the tribes separated from each other and migrated west and south although they still lived near each other in the lower Missouri River Valley.

Nebraska Corn Board Future

The corn farmers of Nebraska look to the future with vision and investment in the many possibilities for new uses for corn. Corn is a sustainable crop used for feed, fuel, food and fiber and has a major role in our state's economy and feeding a growing world. The organization to carry out this vision to create more demand for corn as a feed, fuel, food and fiber is the Nebraska Corn Board.

Union Pacific

Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act of 1862 on July 1, establishing the original Union Pacific Railroad. Ground was broken in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1863, though the first rail wasn't laid until July 1865, three months after President Lincoln was assassinated. Seven years after the signing of the Pacific Railway Act, Lincoln's dream was a reality when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.