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Edward Creighton

Edward Creighton was born in Ohio in 1820, to James and Bridget Creighton, the fifth of nine children. His parents had both emigrated from Ireland. Creighton attended country schools, but found that his education was lacking and pushed himself to learn as much as he could on his own.

Dwight Palmer Griswold

Dwight Palmer Griswold (1893-1954) was born November 23, 1893, in Harrison, Nebraska. He received his early education in the Harrison, Ainsworth, and Gordon Public Schools. He graduated from Kearney Military Academy in 1910, and enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University in the fall.

Charles Edwin Bessey

Charles Edwin Bessey was born to Adnah and Margaret Bessey in a log house on a farm in Milton, Ohio in 1845. The Bessey family was deeply religious. Bessy's father provided most of his early education, and by the time he was seventeen, Bessey had earned his teaching license.

Bess Streeter Aldrich

Bess Streeter Aldrich was born in 1881 to a pioneer family in Cedar Falls, Iowa. A writer since early childhood, she won a writing contest at age fourteen and another at seventeen. After graduating from Iowa State Normal School (now the University of Northern Iowa), she taught school in Marshalltown, Iowa, and in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Alvin Saunders Johnson

Alvin Saunders Johnson gained national and international fame as an economist, educator, humanitarian, social activist, writer, and editor. Born in 1874, he grew up on a farm near Homer, Nebraska where he learned the importance of hard work and having goals in life.

Arthur Weimar Thompson

“You men are the backbone of America. Burn all the cities down - you farmers and ranchers will live. Tear up the farms and ranches - that's the end for everybody…”