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Chief Standing Bear

Standing Bear, Ma-chu-nah-zha in the language of his people, was born in 1829 in the valley near the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers. He inherited the role of clan chief from his father. The Bear clan, one of nine bands of the Ponca led by head chief, White Eagle, oversaw the social life of the tribe, as well as ceremonies and rituals. He was known for his strength of character and his eloquent speaking abilities.

Chief Red Cloud

Oglala Sioux Chief Red Cloud (1821 - 1909) ranks historically in the top tier among the greatest Native American leaders. He was a courageous warrior, supreme military strategist, eloquent spokesman, and masterful statesmen in protecting his peoples' rights and homelands.

Susette La Flesche Tibbles

Susette La Flesche Tibbles (1854-1903) was born in Bellevue in 1854, the year the Omaha gave up their Nebraska hunting grounds and agreed to move to a northeastern Nebraska reservation. She was the oldest daughter of Joseph La Flesche, the last recognized chief of the Omaha Tribe. Joseph was known as “Iron Eyes.”

Robert W. Furnas

Robert Wilkinson Furnas (1824-1905) was born on a farm near Ohio in 1824, the son of William and Martha Jenkins Furnas. A twin, his brother died in infancy and his sister, Mary Elizabeth, died at the age of eighteen. He was orphaned at the age of twelve when both of his parents died of cholera.

Roscoe Pound

Roscoe Pound (1870-1964). Nathan Roscoe Pound was born in 1870, in Lincoln, Nebraska, the son of Stephen Bosworth Pound, a lawyer and judge, and Laura Biddlecombe Pound. His parents were New Yorkers who immigrated to Nebraska. Pound received his early education at home from his mother, who thought public education was unacceptably poor at that time.

Nathan Gold

Nathan Jules Gold was born on May 28, 1894, in Hampton, Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gold. He moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1902 with his parents and lived there for the rest of his life.