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Charlie and Suzy Wright

Charlie Wright was born in 1932 and raised in Scottsbluff, where he graduated from high school in 1950. As a boy he climbed the CCC switchback trail to the top of Scotts Bluff, where he explored the area that Curly Hair, later known as the famous Oglala Lakota thunder dreamer, Crazy Horse, cried his vision quest.

Sheila Dickinson Dinsmore Graf

Sheila Dickinson Dinsmore Graf (1923 - 1996). In a simple yet profound way, Sheila Dickinson Dinsmore Graf believed in putting others above herself. Mother to five children and four stepchildren, Sheila taught her children that happiness comes from “doing for others.”

Judge William C. Hastings

Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court, William C. Hastings was born in Newman Grove, Nebraska in 1921. As a child, he thought about becoming an engineer, a forest ranger or joining the Navy.

Robert S. Dickinson

Born in 1891, Robert S. Dickinson lived in Nebraska all of his life. In 1910, he graduated from Doane College in Crete, Nebraska and accepted a job as bookkeeper, office boy and janitor at the Ravenna flour mill. Thus began a sixty-year career in the flour milling business.

George Day

George Day (August 5, 1917 to August 8, 2008) was born in the Day family home on Cherry Street (now Sumner) in Lincoln, Nebraska. His parents, Warren and Edith Day, moved to 4300 South Street. in 1922. As a boy growing up on this acreage at the edge of the city, George could see the State Capitol tower rising to the sky atop the foundations dug by Martin-Day Construction, the earth-moving company in which his father was a partner.

Glenn H. Korff

Glenn H. Korff (1943-2013) was born on May 29, 1943, a fourth generation Nebraskan, the son of Paul W. and Esther L. Korff of Hebron, Nebraska. His father had planned on going into finance, but the Great Depression brought him back to his hometown where he eventually took over the family's lumber business.

Jack McBride

Jack McBride was the founder and architect of public broadcasting in Nebraska and a pioneer of public broadcasting in the United States.

Roger Larson

Roger Larson was born October 28, 1925, on a farm near Wausa, Nebraska to Ted and Alveda Larson, who were second generation Swedish immigrants. With a strong sense of duty to his country, Roger applied for and was accepted into the Air Force Cadet Program in 1943 and eventually attained the rank of Captain and the Honor of Group Bombardier-Navigator in the Twentieth Air Force.