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Otoe-Missouria Tribe

Four Hundred Years of History. Red Rock, Okla.--At one time, the Otoes and Missourias, along with the Winnebago and Iowa Tribes, were once part of a single tribe that lived in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. In the 16th century the tribes separated from each other and migrated west and south although they still lived near each other in the lower Missouri River Valley.

Pawnee Nation

The Pawnee Nation consists of four confederated bands: the Kitkahahki, Chaui, Skidi, and Pitahawirata. Pawnee history on the central Plains dates back more than 700 years.

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

The history of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska actually goes back thousands of years to the area that is today known as the state of Wisconsin. Although their homeland lay between Green Bay and Lake Winnebago in northeast Wisconsin, they roamed the area between Upper Michigan and present-day Milwaukee extending west to the Mississippi River.

Chief Standing Bear

Standing Bear, Ma-chu-nah-zha in the language of his people, was born in 1829 in the valley near the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers. He inherited the role of clan chief from his father. The Bear clan, one of nine bands of the Ponca led by head chief, White Eagle, oversaw the social life of the tribe, as well as ceremonies and rituals. He was known for his strength of character and his eloquent speaking abilities.

Santee Sioux

The Santee Sioux originally lived in the north central region of Minnesota. They were called the “frontier guardians of the Sioux domain”, which spread from the Santee homeland in Minnesota westward across the plains to the northern Rocky Mountains in Montana and southward through northwest Nebraska.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Although the tribe's exact origin is unknown, some scholars believe that the Ponca are from the Ohio River Valley. However, by the early 1700s, the warring Sioux had forced them to relocate to the west bank of the Missouri River.

Osni Ponca LLC

Osni Ponca, LLC is the primary economic development vehicle for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska whose purpose is to engage in economic development activities for the benefit of the Tribe and its members. It was established as an economic holding company by charter of the Pawnee Tribe in 2012.

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

The Omaha are a federally recognized Native American tribe who live on the Omaha Reservation in northeastern Nebraska and western Iowa, United States. The Omaha Indian Reservation lies primarily in the southern part of Thurston County and northeastern Cuming County, Nebraska, but small parts extend into the northeast corner of Burt County and across the Missouri River into Monona County, Iowa.