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Union Pacific

Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act of 1862 on July 1, establishing the original Union Pacific Railroad. Ground was broken in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1863, though the first rail wasn't laid until July 1865, three months after President Lincoln was assassinated. Seven years after the signing of the Pacific Railway Act, Lincoln's dream was a reality when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.


Roland Temme, on the outside, looked like any other farm boy growing up on the plains of Nebraska. Even he didn't know he would someday own a company with over two hundred and twenty employees, covering four city blocks and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

The course of U.S. history was forever changed some 160 years ago, when steel tracks were laid alongside the routes of cattle trails and wagon trains. There was no stopping the waves of settlers eager to claim land or explore opportunities in the West, and rail was a necessity for the booming cattle trade. The western railroads helped realize the American dream, reshaping the country's landscape and building a foundation for a new economy.


Windstream's connection to Nebraska dates to 1904. That's when Frank H. Woods founded the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Co., the independent carrier that eventually would become part of the Windstream family.

Campbell’s Nurseries and Garden Center

Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Center, Inc. was founded in 1912 by Claude C. Campbell, then only 34 years old, at 28th and Vine Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Claude, employed by the U.S. Government as a railway mail clerk, had a love of plants and grew a large garden in his backyard.